Thursday, October 01, 2009

Conversation With an Almost-3

Mo: Put the camera down.
Wendy: Is it yours?
Mo: It's Erin's. You didn't ask. Put it down right now.
Wendy: Did she say no?
Mo: You didn't ask. She did not say yes.
Wendy: But, did she say no?
Mo: OHFORTHELOVEOFGOD put it down! Right now!

Wendy: ...But she didn't say no...?

Yes, you vertically challenged little smart-mouth. Technically, she did not say no. Ever hear of "the answer's always no until you ask??" Or, even better, "I'm your mom and I legally own you?"



  1. Can you say future criminal attorney? I say buy the LSAT prep book now. Surely they must make a kids version...

  2. thats what I tell my daughter (M2) that she is going to make a great attorney, but for now, its my rules or hit the door. Well, I don't actually SAy that, I just raise the eyebrow and give her the hairy eyeball and she gets it.

    I'll have to use the answer is always NO until you ask.

  3. "Dora and Boots go to law school"

    Come on, vamanos! Everybody, let's go!
    Come on lets get to it, we know that we can DO it!
    Where are we going?
    Where are we going?