Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Wendy has had a few in the potty-training area. These setbacks include several puddles of various substances and not one, but three rolls of toilet paper tossed into the toilet water. Whole. So, yeah. My triumphant declaration of victory a few posts ago? Kind of like how the Spanish Navy must have felt right before the waves picked up off the coast of England.

Setback #2: this is an ongoing thing, and for those of you who know me personally, it is our current saga of doom around here. It has to do with our lease running out in May, and banks who are unwilling to give us the same kind of mortgage that they were dolling out in spades three years ago. It has to do with official letters that say so. To us, specifically. They look like this:
Dear plebs,
No. We will not give you money, even though you've been paying the lease and keeping up the property for five years, and have painted trees and flowers on your small child's bedroom walls. No. We don't think so. Take your family and your cats and move into a storage space. We don't care.
Love, Bank

We had to switch from Arm & Hammer kitty litter to Tidy Cat. We have four cats. The stench control-just not as good. Now our house smells more like poop than it used to.

And then there is October. We got the first oil delivery of the season last week. $482. We have yet to actually turn on the heat. I seem to remember this feeling from middle school, when they wouldn't turn on the heat till November. I was totally incredulous about the state's willingness to abuse children in this way. Now, I am both incredulous and party to the inflicting of cold-hand syndrome and freezing feet attacks on others.

Wolf spiders invade our house in October. They come in under the doors and through the cracks under the walls and run across your feet. They also unexpectedly appear in the sink, skittering around the dirty dishes when you turn on the water or move anything. They look like this:

Yes, I did put a dramatic spotlight on the spider from my sink. The invasion is Just. That. Disturbing. Why do I include October and wolf spiders in the list of "setbacks?" Because I take things personally. That's why.

I will lighten up around here soon, y'all. I promise.


  1. Okay, I know you're renting--so are we--and may be reluctant to improve a home you might not be in after May. But I saw a commercial for Lowes I believe, and they have those rolls of pink insulation for $9 now. That's less than half what they used to sell for. A few rolls strategically placed might save you a few dollars in heating oil. Would your landlord reimburse you for this?

    Speaking of huge box stores, today I accepted a crap job at one. Actually the job probably won't be so bad--stocking groceries I think. It's the pay that's manure. I told them I'd work days, nights, overnights, weekends, holidays, any time, any department, any task, whatever...I feel so dirty.

    That spider gives me the heebie jeebies!

  2. Wow. The oil delivery thing is foreign to me, we just turn on the heat and pay the gas bill when it kinda gets cold. Good luck with that one!

    I know how you feel in a different way; this unemployment thing has chipped away at me until I'm at the last 'chunk'. Have no one to borrow some cash from, I'm just scrambling. BUT, today there may be a appt set for a second interview. If that doesn't happen, I'm going to have to get a manure job too........and I don't want to.

  3. ew, and that spider. Can you spray something on the outside so they don't come in the inside??

  4. BB: Congrats and also condolances about the manure job. I'm looking for one of those right now. Looking forward to that dirty feeling, too. :)
    And no, he wont reimburse us. Because he is now beligerant about the lease he signed and would be happy if we moved tomorrow. Because he's a jerkass.

    BJ: we have no one to borrow from either. sucks, dont it? The spiders...they kind of just scoffed at our spray.

    Cheers to all for not completely losing our "chunks!"