Friday, January 22, 2010

How to Stab Me in the Heart With a Dull Knife

Wendy: Let's play I'm the mommy, and you're the baby.
Mo: Ok. I'm the baby.
Wendy: I can't play with you right now, baby. I'm working on my computer. *gazes intently at pink princess computer*
Mo: ....ouch.
Wendy: *type type type stab stab type*
Mo: Well, that's ok. I'll just play over here quietly and let you work for a while.
Wendy: Babies don't talk. *twist*
Mo: Listen, little girl blue, with the man on the moon, babies do talk, all the time-

(Since babies don't talk, I gotta get this off my chest to someone: I can't even argue with her on this! Wait, yes I can. It's not even like I'm being a bad mother doing fun things on the computer. My bad mothering is in relation to doing taxes and futilely applying to jobs. If you're wondering whether that makes the dull stabby feeling better, I'll tell you right now-it doesn't.)


  1. Ouch! When I was little I supposedly said, "Mommy, talk nice to me the way you talk to the dog." I still suspect she likes the dog better.

    Speaking of babies, the hilarious couple that is Idiots Books just had one and are posting TONS of baby case you need another fix.

  2. Just remember, the time you're spending on the computer and not playing--although Wendy may perceive otherwise--IS actually time spent being a good mother. Since doing taxes and job searching are things good moms need to do. And I would put "babies don't talk" into the pro column of having another one. He/she won't be able to stab Mommy in the heart for a few years. Eh?

  3. Feel guilty for five minutes MAX! Then keep on keepin on....I adopted this rule years ago and it keeps you semi-sane.

    ps you needed to be a DEMANDING baby that would not ALLOW the mom to be on the computer!!! next time be hungry, break something, cry, draw the same picture 450 times to show her 450 times, you know, MOTHERHOOD :)