Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Job!

(sort of)

I have been hired by a local school district to tutor two students who are homebound. At a nice hourly rate for (no more than) 2-4 hours a week, I am now rollin in it. Or, I will be, once I actually put in the hours. Oh, wait. Since I only get paid once a month, and won't actually get to put in any hours til next week, I will not see any money til mid-March. But still! CHRIST ON A CRACKER, it's SOMETHING!

Excuse my blasphemy. I am just really excited about someone responding to my desperate pleas for employment of any kind. As Carl put it, "My baby makin BANK! Now we ain't got nothin to worry about, no more!"

Interview highlight:
HR Guy: One of the students will be fine, but we are not sure how the family of the second student is going to respond to this whole situation. They might make it difficult to ever actually meet up, we're not sure.
Me: Yeah, sure. I can be that person for you. I'll be your Huckleberry.
Inside Voice: ....was that a Wyatt Earp reference? ...What? Why? WHAT?
HR Guy: Chuckle Chuckle har har!
Inside Voice: Mo, we are having a serious talk later. Idiot.


  1. HEY! That is awesome! We gurlz/moms are gonna rock 2010

    screw the coupons, I say go get wine!

  2. Val Kilmer and I congratulate you on your new job!!!! Wooo-hoo!!! :)

  3. WOO!

    2-4 hours of monies! You win!

  4. Some is better than none!


  5. Have you started yet? Or are you guys snowed in, too?