Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Post About a Teapot

Because this blog is so edgy. And badass.

When Carl and I promised not to buy each other Christmas presents, there was always the potential for cheating.

My mom and her guy also decided that they were too broke to get each other gifts this year. She then very clearly intimated to a friend that a very specific piece of jewelry must appear in her stocking. Or else. In her defense, she had not seen this piece of jewelry when she committed to the "no gifts" idea.

Anyway. Carl and I were deadly serious. And I really meant "deadly serious," not my mom's girl-style "like, sooo serious! P.S: this is a trick and a test, and you will pay for all eternity if you fail" kind of serious. (Given my tendency to either not tell him what I want at all, or give him vague, uninspired directives like "buy me a sweater," I think Carl was just deadly relieved.)

But...slight cheating did occur. I got "us" a firewood caddy for next to the stove, so that "we" don't have to go out on the porch early in the morning for wood to stoke up the fire. He found "us" an awesome green teapot, because "we" had been complaining that the old one was full of calcium buildup and had a leaking, rusty spout that splashed boiling water everywhere whenever "we" made tea.

We are just so sweet sometimes, I could yak.

Right now, I am off to the piles of unsorted 2009 receipts and bills. Look for my next post, entitled "TAXES ARE BALLS! MUSTY BALLS WITH LINT!"

Yay 2010! Go team!


  1. But I bet there's a tempest in your edgy, badass teapot.

    Robb's parents got us a firewood caddy for Christmas this year, and let me just tell you, it was an immediate improvement to our quality of life.

  2. Well. Those are useful items. If you're going to spend money on each other for Christmas when you said you weren't going to, they damn well better be useful. ;o)

  3. Dear Carl,
    I don't know you but take my advice. ALWAYS get Mo something, even if you grab a flower out of the neighbors yard as you are running in the door, get her SOMETHING. That 'oh lets not get each other anything' bs is a test.

    Trust me on this one.

    good job on the teapot.

  4. Bj: was not. opportunity to be pleasantly surprised, maybe. But really, not a test!


    BB: Funny how very simple things help so much, right?

  5. How sweet...My hubby and I have this conversation every year. He loves to buy me things, I say "We can't afford anything this year..NOTHING". And he buys anyway. But when they are practical, it makes it a little better...for instance, he bought me a programmable thermostat. And a kitchen cart. Romance is out of control at my house.