Thursday, September 09, 2010

Kid Brains. A Magical and Bizarre Place of WTF and OMG, I'm Dumber Than I Thought.

Watching Wizard of Oz the other day, Wendy observes that the Munchkin babies are sitting in a nest, surrounded by broken egg shells. She casually glances up at me, musing, "Wow. I guess Munchkins are not mammals."


Forty-five minutes later, people, around about the time the witch is setting Scarecrow on fire, and I'm all, "OH! Because they came out of EGGS!"

"Yeah, they didn't come out of a belly-door, like our baby. I wonder if Munchkins have boobs...Hey, if they followed the purple brick road, where would they go?"

Dude. I don't know. Just enjoy the magical wonder of...

"If the monkeys take out Scarecrow's straw, will they make him dead? If Scarecrow is leaking his straw, is his spirit leaking out, too? He should keep that stuff in better."




  1. That girl is WAAAAAY too smart for her own good.

  2. kids scare me.
    When I told my friends kid in the states that we dont have big predators in NZ he said,
    "well you must have some cool birds and stuff cause nothing eats them."
    very insightful, and correct!