Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Kids Are-

All right, birthday party this past weekend. Three kids, two babies, one homemade chocolate cake, and a princess castle. Good times and tea parties had by all.

Wendy insisted that the party be a surprise (even though she had already dictated all details of said party), so we did that too. Turns out that it is just as easy to distract and surprise a four year-old as it is a three year-old. Even Wendy, Cruise-Director-of-Us-All (love her and despair), can be tricked into a sudden, startling shower of balloons and "surprise!" at her party she is already attending.

Carl brought me flowers, wisely recognizing that Wendy's birthday is in fact, a very special day for me too.

This bouquet is composed mostly of celebrate-the-day-motherhood-changed-your-life-forever wildflowers, with one yay!-another-year-without-suffering-a-complete-break-with-reality rose.

Happy Birthday, Wendy. Words cannot describe how many intense and magnificent ways that you have changed our world. We love you!


  1. How sweet of Carl to bring you flowers! It was definitely a momentous day for you too. :)

  2. Aw, what a smart daddy--I hope Robb is reading this and taking notes.

  3. We blew up princess balloons and left them in Ali's bedroom while she was sleeping for her birthday. It was too cute when she woke up and came out and asked, with authority "why is der baboons in my room?" Ahh...four year olds they're great

  4. Yes, the daddy can be smart. It helps. :-)

    Tash-I am TOTALLY doing that next year. Maybe with actual baboons.