Thursday, December 30, 2010

More or Less...


My sparkle disco holiday sweater stretched over my 39-week gone girthiness, or-well-the complete opposite of that. (I do not wish to be googled by perverts, so I'm not spelling out "pregnant in underwear" here. Ah-balls.)

I'll leave it up to you to decide which is more or less internet-appropriate. At this point, I really am too distracted by my aching areas and consumed with the urge to thrash around moaning about them to tell the difference or have any modicum of taste regarding the subject.

Should the heinousness of either my sequins or bulging flesh bring you nausea or hilarity, you're welcome/I apologize. Whichever you deem needful. I'll be over here praying for the baby to come this year, which gives him about 32 hours.
Here that, Fuzzwolf? Go. Ok, now. Go.


  1. The countdown is on, happy new year to you!!

  2. You may be achy, but you're hair looks Ah-MAZ-ing! And isn't that what really counts?

  3. How in the world do you still have any cute underoos in your arsenal? At this point all of mine are as stretched as my belly and look like they were issued by some branch of the military. You are fearless, mamma!

  4. Thank you, yes, and I "treated" myself to a $3 pack of Walmart panties because I was So Damn Tired of my own underwear with the dying elastic, and they turned out to not suck!

  5. good whishes to all of you - in colourful sweaters and in colourful future, whishes from the (n)icy baltic (Wismar)

  6. Congratulations!!!! :) Internet high five back at you!