Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Play Guess What Itches?

I'll give you a hint: It's. Stitches.

Yeah, you know where.

Tasty little childbirth tidbits like that can completely throw off one's whole plan to interpret the new baby experience through haiku on one's blog.

You know what makes everything (itchy stitches included) seem like a far-away concern? This:

Liam Wolf
1-6-11; 3:17 AM
7lb 5oz
Big feet. Lots of hair. No lie-Toothbuds.

Giving birth was amazing. A dream birth-three hours from labor onset to his fuzzy head bursting onto the scene. Everything since has been a dream, too...a foggy-edged gray space with a bright middle where we exist and all else melts away in a slush of liquid time…

Of course, nothing is perfect. When is it? Wendy is all twitchy with unspent energy and the sudden paradigm shift. Carl put his back out and came down with a killer cold three days after we got home (becoming instantly uber-unhelpful). Also, he had to go to court somewhere in there, in an amusing episode entitled, Farmer Insane Attempts to Strike Back, but Instead Gets a Chunk of his Ass Handed to Him by a Judge. After the Fiasco That Was 2010, I am neither surprised or terribly unhinged by these developments.

I have been coping with the chaos (both the expected and surprise kind) by ignoring a lot of email and phone calls and (obviously) internet…all the marshy wilderness of outside life, in attempt to regain some solid ground here, on the inside. I feel compelled to apologize to people that I have been neglecting, including my internet buddies, but not that much. I am sure that you can see why:

Falling in love takes a lot of energy and attention. You understand.


  1. Aw, what a handsome little guy! Congratulations to all of you on the new addition. :) BTW, Robb is psyched that you named him Liam b/c it was his favorite baby boy name.

  2. He's beautiful!!!! Congratulations. :D

  3. Monster hands! They're huuuuuggee!

    Now that I've met the baby, I don't feel the need to call you and find out if it would be cool if I came over, so let me know when you're back on the radar so I can poke your kid again. Also, I have a present for Wendy.

  4. B-Thank you! Liam=cool name. Big ups to Robb for knowing.

    Jessica-Thank you!

    Steph-currently sick, but otherwise, you are always welcome :-)