Saturday, January 29, 2011


Nuggets of Goodness:

-Last weekend (or was it two weekends ago?), in the tradition of my grandmother, two of my aunts brought us food in celebration of new babies. Like, gobs of food-pulled pork and pork loin and potatoes and an apple crisp and bread and cake. That entire week, we didn't have to cook anything. Which was great, because no one wanted to. My family rocks!

-We have not actually bought diapers yet, thanks to Nana (Carl's mom) and my mom's friends, whose kind diaper gifts are still holding out. Yay!

-Liam is plumping up nicely. He looks great in this red sweater that Steph knitted for Wendy him:

-Our little fuzzball spends a good deal of his time like this. Crashed out on boob juice, I mean. It is an exhausting world when you look this good. This kid is (sofarknockonwood) a cakewalk compared to my first go-round with baby wrangling.

-Ooh, ooh. Yesterday, I had a clean shirt on all day! (almost.)

These are good and positive thoughts brought to you in a sincere attempt to not whine about the last three weeks that have been a total SUCKFEST of Carl being sick, then me being sick, then Carl being sick some more. (PS: Sick dads can't hold babies, lest they make the babies sick, while sick moms have to hold babies when mom is baby's only food source.*)

Also, in our world, there is this:

So. Much. Snow. Two inches. Then four inches. Then two more nine more inches of dense, heavy precip. Welcome to PA, my son. Panic and break out the french toast supplies.

Wait! I have a good one for the "things rock" list:
-Hot chocolate is still delicious, even if you were the only one who didn't shovel. Hot chocolate makes everything better.

*Carl knows that I am not actually mad at him for being sick/injured for the first three weeks of our baby's life. He knows by the way I stand over him with lovingly prepared bowls of soup and lime Jell-o with a Nurse Ratched smile, explaining via eye-twitch-Morse-code that if he doesn't want to take his medication orally, I am sure that he can have it some other way.