Wednesday, February 02, 2011

How We are Pioneer Mountain Women


The News: HOLY SH*T, everyone, LOOK at this storm coming! There will be ICE, people, ICE covered DOOM from above! Nobody drive! Everyone freak out!

Erin's School: OMG! ICE? Everyone stay home!
Weather: *crickets*
The News: no, no, LATER today. Later, there will be the Doomsicles.

Me: Oh. I guess I'll go do the panic shopping. And, while I'm out, I should probably dig the firewood out of the pile of snow and put it on the porch so we can use it when our house is enclosed in the Icy Doom that Cometh. Erin, watch the kid.

Erin: Coolio.
Me: *digs and stacks like a pioneer mountain person*

Erin: Hey can I be a pioneer mountain person, too?

Me: Certainly, for IceDoom approches, and will be upon us before your father is home from the bringing of income. Stack this stuff, oh, fellow pioneer woman of fortitude!
And she did. We rock.

Behold, the Ice. The Ice fortold by Cecily Tynan and Action News. The Ice. Of Doom.

Pretty, no?

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  1. Teenagers can be so useful to have around.

    Pretty pictures. :o)