Saturday, February 19, 2011

How We are On Top of Sh*t

Carl: Hey, did we call The Oil Company for a delivery?
Me: No. *We* didn't. We were totally busy doing...other...stuff. Important stuff. Stuff that couldn't wait.
Carl: Ok, no one take showers. Or do laundry. Or dishes. Or require hot water. Because you need oil for all of that.
Me: (paraphrased) I guess *we* suck. *We* will now call all of the oil companies in the area. Because this is a holiday weekend, no one will answer. Why do *we* suck so much??
Carl: Ok, The Oil Company that I called will come. There's a $100 off-hours service charge. This will cost us six hundred dollars, total.
Me: eff.
Carl: That's like, your whole tax return.
Me: EFF.


Marc: Damn. No leather hot pants this week.


  1. Just like how we didn't notice that my employer was not withholding any Federal taxes from my paychecks for all of 2010 until we sat down to do our taxes, and were like "WTF?!" So now we owe. I had to apologize to the baby since we're so bad at being grown-ups.

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