Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Office Haiku #4

Tickle the keyboard
Not the hot office tech guy
He'll file a complaint.

And then I'd have to call my own office manager on me and let her know that a complaint was filed, and ask her what she plans on doing about it. Cause if she doesn't deal with this outrageousness, I'm going all the way to Region. Tickling is sexual harrassment, and hot office tech guys (even ones who dress well and don't break a sweat carrying big ass printers across the room all by themselves) do not have to take it.

I'd better stop staring at the new admin girl with the great hair, while I'm at it. (...but her hair...its just so great!)


  1. sounds like someone is easily distracted

  2. yeah, well, you'd have to be dead to find this job interesting.

  3. like i said, i know how that is.