Monday, February 21, 2005


Currently frustrated because the thingy I use to post pics (Hello) does not want to work. I can't sign in to it, because "UI failed to initialize." Do I care what Hello does with its UI?? NO! Sounds like a personal problem to me! What does some free software's UI have to do with me showing you all pictures of random crap?? NOTHING!! I WANT TO SHOW YOU RANDOM CRAP!!! WHAT'S A UI????

I updated, uninstalled, reinstalled, chanted a voodoo ritual; nothing works. And I am le sad about it. Because the crap I have to show you all...boy, it sure is random.



  1. Found this:
    For the UI error, we have a file that may help you solve the problem. Please download and run Hello Cleanup. You can get it here:

    Under Advanced, try the Remove All Data option if the default fails to help. Please let me know if the Cleanup file solves the problem. Please also include which operating system and version you are running as well as the persmissions associated with the Windows login you are trying to login to Hello with.


    it might help

  2. i would say you owe me one but we don't ever see each other. and that only took me like ten minutes to find so i don't know where you were looking.