Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Update, Update, tra la la.

Okay, not so much an update. Nothing goes on with me. I am boring.

But I will tell you that I did something very very very uncharacteristic yesterday. I bought a sweater. I like to buy things, so the buying of a sweater in general is not exactly a big surprise. This particular purchase, however, is not in keeping with my character for three reasons:
  1. I bought it at full price, with no prior intent or plan, just because I wanted to.
  2. I bought it at the Gap.
  3. It is pink.

And, not only is it pink, my friends, but it is a reversible pink boatneck sweater that reverses to another shade of pink.

Look. "Business casual" does not just automatically occur. When you have to dress like this sort of monkey 4/7 days of your life, you start to get a sort of wandering eye for these things. You start to want your monkey suit to, I don't know, reflect you, as a person. I realized, as I tried the sweater on at THE GAP, PEOPLE, that the sweater would go just great with my new brown pants with the pink pinstripes, and that what would really reflect me as a person would be shoes that would go great with this whole outfit, and you know, I really really need better-cuter-hotter shoes in general and I must be stopped!

On Friday I will get paid and all of my bills for January have not yet come in and all I want to do is blow it all on hot shoes! Shoes to go with every skirt and pair of pants I own; shoes for every possible outfit and mood and occasion; shoes in every color, style, and heel height. I want FM boots, demure Mary Janes, FM Mary Janes....and of course, to end world hunger.

Remember when all I wore was boy's sneakers, all day, every day, everywhere? Well, I don't, damnit!! Apparantly, that girl took a hike some time ago. And if she were here, she'd want new shoes too!


  1. NEW SHOES!!!!


  2. pink ?!?! argh. i just don't know what goes on in your head sometimes.

    wanna get together this weekend and buy ourselves stuff?

  3. yeah well, that girl also rolled out of bed five minutes before class and threw some clothes on. We are now more sophisticated then that. That girl really wanted cute shoes, she just didn't know it yet. we know better now.