Saturday, February 25, 2006



8th Grader A: I can't do Math. It hard.
8th Grader B: I can't do Science. Science blows.
8th Grader C: Oh yeah? Well, I can't do Lunch. It's hard to put things in my mouth.
8th Graders: ...................
8th Grader C: Wait. That didn't sound right.
8th Graders and Immature Substitute Teacher: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

8th Grader D (following some other thread of conversation): Hey, does your mom know how to do that?

Not Funny:

Following b/f through crowded kitchen at his family party, while he tries to make a path, jostling others and saying "excuse me, pardon me, coming through," and when that doesn't work, "HEY! LADY WITH A BABY HERE!!!" so that I instantly turn purple and try to point at other people not me, while everyone within range turns to stare at me and starts saying congratulatory things. Jerk.


  1. time for booties and bonnets?

  2. I found you through your comment on Dooce's site, and your views seem to match up so well with mine that I crossed my fingers that your name was linked to a blog. It was, and I love it. mad props to you.