Wednesday, February 01, 2006

TB Free Since 2003

Greetings, my peeps. I am here to tell you that I have an interview on the 9th. An interview for a job. A job that does not involve lunch meat, selling a quota of Swedish foam pillows, or tips by the dollar.

Ok, it's not so much an "interview" as an "appointment," seeing as once I prove that I have a pulse and I don't molest children, they'll give me a job. Anyone with the right paperwork can be a substitute teacher. You know it's true. Remember all the mouth-breathing hacks they had babysitting you when you were in high school? Yeah. You remember. Well, two weeks from now, if all goes well, I will be one of those mouth-breathing hacks. Keep your fingers crossed for me, K?

One of the requirements of the sub service is at least three letters of recommondation. Yeah. I only have one. So I am in the process of gently harrassing my cooperating teacher from my student teaching days for said letter (seeing as I'm a dumbass and never asked for one back then), and also tracking down a prof I had two years ago who probably doesn't remember me and whose memory probably wont be sparked by my description of "a bright but sleep-deprived senior in that class you taught. You know, that class with that guy who called himself Strider? Remember?" She was a great professor. We would finish teaching our mini-lesson or whatever, and there would be this pause...while she collected her thoughts...and she would say "you...are a gemstone. A gemstone." How great is that?

Another requirement is that I prove I don't have TB, because PA is against giving children TB. Crazy commie hippies. It turns out that the last TB test I had was in December of 2003, and they want it to be recent within the past two years. Well it's not, people. Some of us procrastinate about getting jobs. Some of us procrastinate until just after all of our TB tests and criminal clearances run out, and we have to scramble to get new ones before February9th, okay??


  1. K-Dawg said...
    does a 20 something year old who has alzheimer's, really make a good choice for a sub-teacher? i mean you did post this twice. but one with the ability to time travel may counter balance that. again you posted this after, yet to come before your last post.

    and my advice for the interview is to imagine them with a big flobblity wobbity dildo hanging from their chin. works for me everytime.

  2. yeah, I don't know what's going on with my blog lately. It hasnt been posting dates right at. all.

    So I created a new post and moved your note.

    No anxiety about the "appointment" at all; re: "they will give any mouthbreathing hack a job"