Monday, November 13, 2006


My blog won't be officially two years old until the 29th, but I'll probably be too preoccupied by things like my birthday, Thanksgiving, and giving birth in the upcoming weeks to blog about trivial stuff like this, or really at all.

I was paging through the early entries here, remembering important facts about myself, like how two years ago I was working at the mall, and how one year ago, I was at the tail end of my pizza days. This shows how very very far I've come in order to be a very profesional substitute teacher who often opts out of taking assignments because she "doesn't really feel like working today." Important fact about me: despite having earned a college degree, I am still the same unmotivated commitment-phobe that I was two, five, or even ten years ago, and I probably always will be. It's good to have consistancy in our lives, no?

Also, two years ago, I opened a Gap charge card, vowing to use it only on my baby nephew and only for that impending Christmas, and to then pay the card off and close it. Yeah, well then I found out that you could also use this card at Old Navy. Still have stupid card. Still carrying some sort of balance on it. Bite me.

In addition, I discovered that my affair with knitting is also two years old, and that my pirate name was at one time Iron Prudentilla Bonney. I believe that pirates can knit if they want to. I believe that Miss I. P. Bonney is still alive and well, even though my blog is spiraling uncontrolably toward the day when it becomes just another insipid mommy-blog, and away from the insipid self-absorbed twenty-something babble of it's glory days.

So, happy Blogaversary, MoVille. Let us not become too insufferable in the near future, k?

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