Monday, November 27, 2006

They Probably Did That in the 60's

Steph: But now we're grown-ups and have rooms and beds for that sort of thing.
Me: Mmm hmm.
Steph: Besides, our car way too small.
Me: I can't really talk about this, because I'm sitting here with Carl's Mom and step-dad having coffee and desert.
Carl's Mom and step-dad: *ignoring, ignoring*
Steph: Oh. Ok. Well, I'll catch you later, then.

Carl's Mom and step-dad: *avoiding eye contact*

Me: Well, now you think I was saying bad things about you or something. Car sex. She was talking about car sex.
Step-dad: Oh!
Me: You two aren't a couple of squares. I can say car sex to you.
Step-dad: Really?? Hey, thanks!

(See how I smoothed that over? Totally smooth. That's me.)


  1. ah, reminiscing about the era of the Shaggin Wagon. I think generally cars were bigger back then. My car is out of the question, with the bucket seats and all, they are bitched about quite often just from regular ass patrons.

  2. as opposed to the "irregular ass" patrons. Or perhaps the patrons of irregular ass? Are you peddling irregular ass on the side, K?