Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Guilt Dishes

I was scheduled for about eight hours today. I was bored out of my gourd for half of it and driving like a headless chicken for the other half. (Damn headless chicken drivers! *shakes fist*) As per the policy, I had my cell phone on "silent" while I was at work. Consequently, I missed a few calls from Carl, and didn't get the messages til I was almost done. His daughter did get ahold of me at some point, asking a favor, but she failed to: a.) put her dad on the phone, and b.) mention that her dad was laid out on the couch, back all out of allignment, unable to do much but flick listlessly through the world of crap that is Monday night television.

I called him back later, around eight, and learned about this, along with the fact that he had been trying to call me to ask if I'd come over after work and maybe bring dinner. But since I didn't call right after work, he'd been laying there for many hours, with no one but himself for company, and his daughter had to scrounge up some pretzels and a hard-boiled egg for dinner. Now, on the messages, he sounded fine. He did say he was hurting, but he sounded fine. I didn't realize it was that bad. When I talked to him, he sounded like he couldn't quite concentrate on what I was saying, because the Jolly Green Giant was standing right behind him, giggling maniacally and twisting his vertebrae upside-down with a rusty pair of pliers, one by one. After a while, he had to get off the phone in search of pain-killers.

Ok, I feel like such a jerk. I am the worst girlfriend ever.

In an act of self-flagelation, I agreed to go back in to work from nine til midnight when the closing driver called out. I didn't do much driving, but I did do a metric fuck-ton of dishes. Which were gross. And made my nice nails all raggedy. And did not tip very well.

Drowning my guilt in greasy dish water didn't really work; I still feel bad.


  1. not your fault when he did not bother to relay the severity of the situation. pretzels and a hard boiled egg huh? and you say she is what like 11? this brings to mind visions of short bus but i ain't sayin nothin. and i'm not even gonna touch the gf statement.

  2. K: I'm amused. By saying you weren't going to touch the "girlfriend" statement, you totally touched the "girlfriend" statement. In fact, you were all up ons the "girlfriend" statement.

    P: Instead of going back to work in an effort to "self-flaggelate" yourself, maybe you should have gone over there and brought some food or something.

    Also, why am I all about "quotation marks"? For some reason I'm all about them tonight.

  3. keep it up and you might take off and fly around for a bit

  4. S:
    re:K; thanks dude. I know you gots my back.
    re: self-flagelation; I know. I r stupid.

    re: short bus; I say, if she was satisfied with pretzels and a hard boiled egg, it sounds like a smart enough dinner to me.
    re: g/f; back off, jerkass. :-P