Monday, May 02, 2005

Spring, She has Sprung

It's not even April any more. It's May. That means the petals have already mostly dropped off of this:

It also means that Sunday will be full of the promise of summer, one whiff of the light breeze bringing to mind barbecues and water ice and inappropriately skimpy speedos on inordinately misshapen beachgoers. And then Monday will arrive chilly and wet and leave one feeling really stupid about joyfully cramming all of one's sweaters and cozy socks into one's underbed storage. Happy Monday, everybody.

But let us not dwell on the depressing gray skies. Let us rejoice at the receiving of tax returns, small as those checks might be for some of us. Let us rejoice at the prospect of viewing those scantilly clad beach studs in all their resplendent glory of rolls. For it is they who shall make us feel great about whatever "Winter weight" we might have put on. I mean, what is five, ten, or twenty little pounds, compared to the wooly mammoth in the rubber band? And finally, let us rejoice at the return of Ritas and her delicious, delicious gelatti.

Bethany's flowers are wicked bad, non?


  1. does anyone else see the vagina? reminds me of earlier today when someone asked if i had sand in my vagina

  2. You are by FAR not the only one to notice this about irises. Georgia O'Keeffe, an American artist who was also a lesbian, was famous for her paintings of irises that should have been in Penthouse. She insisted to the end of her life that she was just painting the flower, and whatever anyone else saw in it, they saw, it couldn't be blamed on her.

    Uh, BS. :) Go look up her "Black Iris III" and you'll see what I mean.

    Crazy Jewish Mom

  3. i think the real question here is, do you have sand in your vagina? Well?

  4. yet another reference to southpark i will never escape