Monday, November 21, 2005

An Email Exchange

R-Spot: That's just silly. (Link to the listing for the entire Buffy DVD set)

Mo: dude, I'm good for a ten-spot or two. But I want her on weekends and some holidays. And maybe take her on a Disney cruise next summer. Just me and Buffy on a Disney cruise...only the best for my little DVD set...

R-Spot: That's fine. I have no use for her anyway... The holes in the DVDs are just too small...

Sick, dude.

And ouch.


  1. i'll do you one better.

    i would lay out all 40 discs in an overly elaborate array and then strip naked. i would then manipulate my arousal in order to launch a projectile at the unsuspecting collection of demon lore. the one with the most batter on it will be the set of episodes i watch that day.

  2. you've done this before, haven't you?

    no? are you sure?

    Farscape Season 1?

  3. K, dude, you never cease to gross me out.

    *is so excited!!!*

  4. it almost scares me how quickly these thoughts form in my head