Sunday, July 09, 2006

Ahem. A Review.

I had a really nice date last night. It included sushi and Pirates 2. *sushi-joy-spasm* Now that I think of it, the whole evening had kind of a nautical theme. (before you say it, *advance denial of involvement in "water sports"*)

The movie has one of those endings you expect a second movie to have. Kind of gives you that "What-do-you-mean-Doc's-living-in-the-Old-West," or "Luke's-a-lefty-and-Han-is-frozen-in-carbonite-what-the-fuck" feeling. Except, you know, more pirate-y.

Totally awesome: Naomie Harris (Selena in 28 Days Later). As much as I heart Keira Knightly and wish to stalk her, I was so completely mesmerized by Ms. Harris' boobs and make-up that I completely missed half of whatever she was saying. Which was unfortunate, because her lines are kind of important to the plot, and C had to whisper it all to me over again as soon as she was off the screen. Damn her and her trance-inducing mouth!

They should just rename the movie Pirates 2: Johnny and the Freaky Hot Hyptno-Jamaican. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't hurt weekend box-office sales.

Review: Pirates 2 very good. Go see now.

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  1. You see I would go to see it but I have no one to see it with. One of the limitation to not knowing many people in the area.

    And yeah ok, she can be number four on my list. I mean I have not seen her yet but from the previous movie she deserves a spot on it.

    and "water sports" does not begin to cover what i was thinkning. something a little more pirate-y.