Tuesday, July 25, 2006


6:30am: Wake up. Wish I could sleep through Man getting up for work for once.
6:50-7:35: Read Wicked; ignore the prods of my internal Krakin, who (surprise) wishes to feed.
7:40: Give in to spawn; unearth pjs from pile of clothes on floor.
7:45: Obey the spawn's wishes for peanut butter on celery.
8:05: Man leaves. Le sad.
8:07: Take dog out for a pee.
8:09: Ignore dishes. It is 12-year-old kid's turn tonight (finally).

8:30-10:45: Sew and watch TNT "Drama in the Daytime" lineup. Watch 2 too many Charmed episodes than I really need to see in my lifetime. Wonder who I am kidding; know I will watch 2 more eps tonight.
10:50: Kid drifts downstairs, bleary. The bum.
11:15: Receive call from kid's friend. Kid is going over there to swim.

11:20: Take dog out for another pee. Show slovenly self to neighbors.
12:05: Fix tuna salad for lunch. Create more dishes for kid to do. Use probably two more utensils than I need to. Feel petty. Eat lunch with petty, petty glee.

12:24: Don more respectable shirt; leave house to go get mail from old house.
12:26: Notice cat dead on driveway.
1:32: Return with mail. Have been bequeathed medical insurance (after three months of "screening"), four more medical bills, a few credit card statements, and a Victoria's Secret catalog full of clothes the likes of which I will probably never wear again.

1:40-2:10: Decide that Man will be upset by dead cat; bury cat under grape arbor. Pick flowers for cat grave, place them attractively.

2:12: Dog. Pee. You get the gist.
2:15: Scrub hands; retrieve Peanut Butter Captain Crunch from secret hiding place under stove.

2:20-3:00: Lay on couch, munching forbidden cereal, feeling baby squirm under my hand. Contemplate meaning, joys, fleetingness of life. Contemplate meaning, joys, fleetingness of Captain Crunch.

4:20: Receive news that kid will be spending night at friend's house. Devious wench.
5:10: Do dishes.


  1. you fed the peanut buttery Cap'n to the Kraken? what a way to go. what is the name of the Cap'n ship anyhow?

    looks like you keep your self busy. kind of.

  2. Well, the entire time I was supposed to be sewing. But I magically (and coincidentally) found myself with other stuff to do. Like now.

  3. Aww, which kitty was it? :( Not one of the funny and charming boys who are indoors-only, I assume?

    (Still, even a dead barn-kitty is still a bummer.)


    Who found her way here through channels as circuitous as they are devious.

  4. Hiya, Fionn!!! It's a small, small interweb sometimes, isn't it?

    Actually, it was the mother of two of our inside male kitties, and sister of the other. Barn life just finally got the best of her, I guess. Very sad; she was very sweet.

    I don't have an LJ account, but it's cool to check out yours and Rags'. Happy Pennsic prep! (you devious wench, you.)

  5. Mama-cat was the tortie with one eye, right? :(

    Was afraid for a minute that either Phil, Chunk or Pumpkin snuck out and got whomped. That would have been REALLY depressing, those boys are a hoot.

    One LJ'er has a young cat who plays "fetch" just like they do. I saw the video footage and immediately thought of them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br4TErIxV-s

    (FYI, I just re-ennabled anonymous posting on my journal, so bloggers on other servers can comment when they visit. :) )

    See you at War!