Thursday, July 06, 2006


This is Duke.

Or more specifically, Duke Diggory Livingston Foley-Righter, Esq. Duke is about ten weeks old and has been with us for about two of those weeks.

Duke is a German shepherd-golden retriever mix.I told Steph about Duke, and she said, " wanted to name him Fluff-Fluff-Marshmallow-Head, didn't you?"

Yes. Yes I did.

Duke is technically Carl's dog, because Carl has wanted a dog really bad for a long time. I have misquoted him as saying, (*pout*) "You're getting a baby.....I wanna puppy!"

The thing is, Carl really isn't home during the day a lot. During the day, it's all me. Me and Fluff-Fluff-Marshmallow-Head.

I get to take him outside nine times a day, I get to clean up the poop that happens right after we come back inside, I get to climb over the baby gates and onto puppy-pee newspapers. But I also get to teach him to fetch and take pictures of him sleeping after a long walk to the garden and back. Fluff-Fluff is just a baby, so he gets tuckered out a lot.

It's a good thing he's so cute.


  1. I may just die of cuteness. This is so unfair! I want a puppy!


  2. That dog is going to get husky. It looks a lot like a fluffy Ruby. Training pee mats worked enough for Ruby that she only goes on them and not just anywhere. And that whole getting tuckered out thing is just a phase. You will miss it when it is over.

    Do you even like dogs?

  3. I don't dislike dogs.

    You know i am traditionally more of a cat person. You see, you can leave a cat home alone for a weekend and not worry about it. Cats fit my free-wheeling, independant, tied-down-to-nothing lifestyle. Which doesn't really exist anymore.

    So yeah, I guess I could be a dog person. I guess I could be a dog person like I guess I could be responsible for an infant. (haha)