Saturday, July 29, 2006

Place Your Bets

Ok, so I'm going in for another ultrasound on Monday. This is the one that determines whether there will be tiny sundresses or itty-bitty golf shorts in a year or so.

(Actually, that was determined about five months ago, when one tadpole fought off all the other tadpoles with its microscopic tadpole light saber and threw its X or Y chromesome into the firey belly of Mount Doom.)

(And yeah, you're right. I would never put any kid of mine in golf shorts. Even if they were from Baby Gap.)

I am taking wagers now. Flip a coin. Winners get a prize. The prize may or may not contain a certain percentage of poopy diaper. Unless the critter decides to be obstinant and show us only its butt, I'll let you know on Monday.


  1. The prize may or may not contain a certain percentage of poopy diaper.

    OK, up until now I was gonna play. :) But I don't even change my nephew's diapers --- and we share 25% of our DNA!

    I still think the rest of us should get to call it "Polly"(wog) if it's a girl, or "Tad"(pole) if it's a boy. ;)

  2. Yeah, we've been thinking up interesting ways to torture our offspring with its name-Ozbert and Prudence are the frontrunners. (Although the amphibian theme is appealing too-"Yes, Jr, you've been an inside joke from day 1.")

  3. Going with the aqautic theme, for Aquaman: Orin or Arthur and for Aquagirl: Tula, Lorena, Marina, Ariel. See Wiki for more.

    Of course naming any kid after a comic character, especially a super-friend who could pretty much only talk to fish, may set him/her up for future torment. Better than Gleek or Beppo I might add.

  4. I'm hoping for a girl. A little Prudence would be awesomely ironic.

  5. And the winning chromesome is...?

  6. ahem. *taps foot, looks at watch*

    I said, ahem.