Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Drawbacks to Being a Grownd-Up

It snows a lot...

...and you have to dig out your own car!
...and you still have to go to work after that!
...and no one makes you hot chocolate!
...and if you make a snow angel or four on your way, you have to sit at work all cold and wet and shivery, so you don't!


  1. Hell, I'd have made hot chocolate if you'd said something. We have some in the cabinet next to the cups.

    And digging out your car is only fun for the first two snowstorms after the purchase of your first car. After that... sucks hairy ones.

    No sympathy on the snow angels, though. You make one, you can just be all sodden and cold with the rest of us. Deal.


  2. Yeah...well, if SOMEONE would stop hiding the shovel, I'd have gotten myself out much more quickly.

    Sick shovel-hider.


  3. but it would take all the fun out of it if you could find the tool that you need when you need it