Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm Pretty Sure Brain Cells Don't Grow Back

Stupid Corporate Slave #1: Hey, what's that new religion called that Madonna practices?

Less-Stupid Corporate Slave #1: It's called Kabala.

Less-Stupid Corporate Slave #2 (e.i. Me): ....and it's not new.

Stupid Corporate Slave #1: think it has something to do with Jewishism...I heard Ashton Kutcher's into it too...

*Less-Stupid Corporate Slave #2 feels herself growing stupider; tries to stab self with hilighter; fails.*


  1. yeah, hi-lighters tend not to have the penetrating power to perform samurai suicide. you can feel your mind slowly being weathered away, can't you?

  2. heh... Jewishism.. heh...

    Three more weeks! (if that...)

    And then you're thrust into the job market! For an awesome teaching position! ARE YOU READY?!?!?