Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Ye, Though I Walk Through the Valley in the Shadow of Pants...

To: ~eve~
From: Phaedre

Let it be known to all the land, I have been officially reprimanded for the wearing of jeans on a non-jeans wearing day. Go, henceforth, and proclaim the shamefulness to all you meet!!

To: Phaedre
From: ~eve~

Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! You are a vile creature.

To: ~eve~
From: Phaedre

Lo! Let no pure creature cast an innocent gaze upon the legs of the vile beast who walketh in denim like a plague upon the earth! Oh Lord! Why hast thou sent this demon among us to defile thine holy dress code? Oh Lord! Give us the strength to resist the evil that this foul button-fly bringeth to your most faithful of khaki-clad worshipers! Deliver us from the loose, immoral ways of the casual dresser, and unto your divine temple of khaki!


(edit/P.S.: I find it totally amusing that the first thing that both of us did when we had a chance was slap this on our blogs. For the record, ~eve~ got there first.)