Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Office Haiku #5

Don't tell me about
my job description; that's your
arbitrary trip.

(i.e.: beware of employment where the fine print reads, "and anything else on God's green earth that We decide you should do today." You just can't argue with that clause. I mean, it is right there in mottled gray, right? Right?)


  1. have they tried to convince you that there are five lights when in reality there are only four of them yet?

  2. The worst is when they corner you and are like, "WHY HAVEN'T YOU BEEN DOING THIS ONE STUPID THING!! YOU ARE LAZY! AND STUPID! FOR NOT DOING THIS ONE STUPID THING! WHY AREN'T YOU DOING YOUR JOB! I WORK WITH IDIOTS! YOU ARE AN IDIOT!" And you're all in the corner, seething with anger, like "no one fucking TOLD me that was part of my job!"


  3. Yes. Like, I've totally gotten used to doing all of the crap that is really no one in particular's job. I don't mind it, really. It's when they tell me to do it like that, all in attack mode, and defending themselves with "this is part of your job to, you know," that it really irks me. Because I know, and they know, and they know that I know, that there are in fact four lights. Four.