Tuesday, June 07, 2005

*Finally Gets Around to This*

Total Volume Of Music Files On My Computer: 7.68GB. Which is greatly in need of refreshing. Oh, how I miss you, campus-wide file-sharing. I didn't really appreciate you while I had you...le sigh.

The Last CD I Bought Was: Joss Stone: The Soul Sessions. It was nine or eleven dollars at Borders, and after seeing the White Stripes cover video, I thought there was no way a little sixteen-year old could be that smooth and awesome, so I had to find out.

Favorite song from the album (er, CD)? Yeah, I was right. Not that cool. "Fell in Love With a Boy," though cool enough, is the best the CD has to offer. Instead of skyrocketing herself into stardom and becoming the most sultry, soulful thing since Norah or Alecia Keys, she's hawking her second CD in some Target commercial right now. Lame, Joss, lame.

Song Playing Right Now: Stevie Ray Vaughn, "Little Wing"

Five Songs That I Listen To A Lot (Or That Mean A Lot To Me):
  • 311; "Amber." Because amber really is the color of my energy.
  • Bush; "Everything Zen." So angry, Bush! Everything zen around here? I DON'T THINK SO, BUDDY!!! I. Don't. Think so.
  • Tom Petty; "Angel Dream." This song is a very specific person and place for me. And it makes me sad.
  • Led Zeppelin; a tie for "Over the Hills and Far Away" and "What Is and Shall Never Be." You know, I only just recently realized that "Led Zeppelin" is a play on words? Like, a zeppelin is a big balloon-thing that flies, and if it were made out of "led," it wouldn't fly! You see, because, lead is heavy, and would not be a good material with which to build a something that flies...shut up.
  • Franz Ferdinand; "This Fire." I just like the way it makes me want to burn things. Or wave my arms around and do the booty-around dance with ~eve~, thus setting things on fire with our booties.


  1. setting things on fire with our booties does not necessarily conjure up good images....

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  3. setting things on fire with the hottness of our booties, not, like, with the gas from our booties, duh.