Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Like, gross.

"Well, then Brynne was all, 'Sarah is a bad kisser,' and I was all, 'how do you know?' and he was all, 'cause I'm a pimp.' "

"Eww. He is so not a pimp. Like, he's not even cute."

"I know. But he's all up on anything with tits, so I guess he gets some play. Kelly said that Jess said that new-girl-Katie thinks he's cute, but I don't think he likes her."

"Awww....she's really cute too."

"I don't know why he thinks he's gods gift. She's way young for him anyway. Like, remember when he was with Victoria? That was gross. Besides, now he's trying to get with this one over here." *nods in my direction*

...working with the 15-20 set has it's entertaining moments, at least.


  1. That's hot. So how are you going to obliterate this little guy's ego?

    Destroying cocky guys' egos is the coolest thing to do.

  2. you know you would get that kind of attention anywhere you worked

  3. ~eve~: done, and done.

    K: it'd be great, if there was anyone interesting. Or at least as old as me. Or maybe someone who doesn't predominantly breathe through their mouth. But sadly, no.

  4. haha, very true. sad but true, i fear the same when i eventually find a job.