Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Don't Want This Kind of Blog.

The kind of blog that bemoans the boringness of my life. Those kinds of blogs make me sleepy.

But, man. My life is boring. I want it more fun. POOF! BE MORE FUN!!

*squeezes eyes shut*
*crosses fingers*
*waits for elephant-of-fun to run me over*

Damn. I don't want the grown-up kind of fun, where I'm challenged intellectually by my career, or where I pick out towels to match my bathroom curtains, or where I make car payments on a moderately-priced Dodge four-door something-or-other and feel gratified as a person because I own a real live new car, yee-ha. Do you think I'd be delivering pizza if I actually wanted any of that?? I want the other kind of fun! With drinking and carousing and whoring and being generally irresponsible with the wellbeing of my property and yours. Where'd all of that fun go?? I want it back!! *whine*

*is suddenly sleepy, takes a nap*


  1. but that's what happens when you get old....

    I guess you could try going to strip clubs... or maybe BECOMMING A STRIPPER!! that's GUARANTEED FUN!

    *is joking*

    *is sad at the thought of you going to strip clubs without me.*

  2. Yeah, going to strip clubs would be a lot more fun if you were here. Or if I could actually sit and have a drink while I was there, instead of just giving strippers sandwiches and leaving.

    and, dude, if I thought I could dance, I would totally be a stripper. Much better tips.

  3. i think you would have to actually stick to a work out schedule cuz they are in good shape. we can go next time i come out. :)

    i'm serious