Monday, July 18, 2005

In Other News

This is our pickle. Or, more accurately, our cucumber.

Long and girthy, no? We came out to the garden one day and found the cucumber plant gesturing rudely at the other plants and the neigbor children with it's new growth. I should have really posed it next to a porsche, or a monster truck with inappropriately large tires, or a hot blonde so as to demonstrate the extreme...adequacy of our cucumber.

If it weren't for all the sharp nubbly bumps all over it....never mind.


  1. maybe it is not aware of it's "presence" much like the hilarious episode of UCB with little Donnie and his incredibly long shlong. But then i have to ask where his trusted Tuvok action figure is.

    and i'll sharp nubbly bump you.

  2. woah there! You should preface that cucumber with a NWS!!

  3. Not Work Safe

    for those who have no control of when they look at certain websites and feel compelled to view material at work which is usually of a sexual or strongly graphic subject matter

  4. Oh. Thanks.

    (I should have looked at lots and lots of porn on my last day at H & R Block.)


  5. Tipper Gore will be notified about this vegetable indecency and congressional hearings will be held!

  6. i got a pickle, i got a pickle, hey hey hey hey

  7. I wonder if some kids are gonna jump your fence and steal your tasty homegrown treats right out of their comfy bed of soil? Cause' that's what I would do. ;)