Sunday, January 09, 2005

Fit or Fat

According to Men's Fitness magazine, Philadelphia is one of America's fattest cities, and Seattle is one of America's fittest cities. Congrats, Philly, you cream cheese swilling, cheese steak guzzling, tasty cake snarfing town! And congrats to you too, Seattle, with your kayak-ready waters and walker-friendly streets and mountains! Let us now bask in our excessive flab, or lack thereof! BASK!!


  1. i believe someone is trying to live up to that title but i ain't sayin any names

  2. wait... which title?

    who are you insulting? or complimenting?

    Goddamnit! That comment is so ambiguous!!

  3. ok that was said and prolly taken the wrong way. all i mean was that a new seattlite i know is trying to be more physically fit, nothing more nothing less