Friday, January 21, 2005

Reasons I Should Be Fired

  • I accidentally posted my full name and work number in my blog while trying out that "email your post" thing
  • I am 15-40 minutes late every day.
  • I am very liberal with the "business casual" dress code (ex: one day I will look like a naughty school girl, the next day I will wear a suit and work boots.)
  • I stretch the definition of "incidental internet use," which is allowed, to include looking up movie times on Fandango and reading my favorite blogs whilst doing crappy mundane activities.
  • I daydream about my boss firing me and make up lists of items to support her case.
  • I am writing this entry from work right now.
  • I have a generally bad attitude, possibly stemming from my hatred for my job.  Possibly.


  1. all that and you manage to lock your keys in your car too, while i might add talking to the one person help you get them out, me

  2. while that may be a reason that someone might decide to fire me in general, i.e., from the human gene pool, that is not a reason to be fired from a crummy job.

    Gimme my keys back, jerk.

  3. oh i'm a jerk now. not my fault it never comes up in conversation that I have I even have them and that I guess they should be passed on to someone else now. :(

  4. you're not a jerk cause you have them, you're a jerk cause you brought my retardedness up. jerk.

  5. yeah i'm gonna have to disagree with you there

  6. Well, you are just going to have to resign yourself to being wrong, mister.

  7. no i don;t think so, you not right

  8. you like to think you are but really it aint true