Monday, January 03, 2005

In liu of a real entry...

It is now a new year. I celebrate this fact with a woot.


Now that that's out of the way, I can give you short, uninformative updates on the rest of everything.
  • Christmas was a success. Much merriment and gifting to be had, no one was maimed or injured.
  • Visitation of pals from Seattle was a success. I ate a Cheerio off the baggage claim carousel, their bag was eventually found, party goodness all around, drunken opening of presents, Ryan made it back alive.
  • New Year's Eve party hopping+getting lost=missing of gooey kiss at midnight. More extensive party goodness made up for this.
  • Car now back in my possession, no maiming or injuries there either. Due to the borrowing of a friend's car, I was not put out all that much by evil car. (give or...well, give $184. Having a paycheck is nice.)
  • Part-time office job is now full-time office job. Boo. More office haikus to follow.
  • We are not punk rock.

Happy hollidays, ever-bodee!


  1. *sigh* we will never be punk rock


  2. i got something for your car if you want it. i almost put it in mine but then realized i don't need it.