Sunday, January 09, 2005

It's Just the Wind. I Swear.

So, no shit, there I was, sleeping over Carl's house the other night, and his eleven year old daughter comes aknockin on the door. At four a.m.

*knock knock knock*
Erin: .....*sniff*....Dad....??

Carl: hrmmfmfffrrrmmmmm

Erin: .....*whimpersniff*....Dad?

Carl: hrmmmm.....Come in. What is it?

Erin: *comes in* There's someone knocking on my attic do-o-oor and *sniff* calling me up the sta-a-a-airs!

Carl: No one is in the attic, sweetie. The wind is just blowing hard and it's rattling the door. It's ok. *gives her a hug* Go on back to bed.

Erin: OK.

Fully satisfied that there was no one in the attic, on the sole authority of her daddy who said there was no one in the attic, Erin went back to bed. Carl immediately rolled over and went back to sleep. Pan the camera over to me. I am now wide awake with the covers pulled up to my chin, completely freaked out.

Me: *poking ribs* can't you just check and make sure?

Carl: hrrmmmm.

Me: But....they're calling her up the stairs!!
(He could have at least told her not to go.)

Carl: hrrm.

It was a full forty five minutes before I could go back the fuck to sleep. What the fuck, kid. What. The. Fuck.

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